Medmavins Board Game

Story of the Game

Once upon a time there was a school in a town. An evil scientist, Professor Tee, has a project named F.O.G. He needs children to help him experiment for his project. With the help of Bee boys (Bad Boys), gang leaders Alex and Jezi, he created Trap Land to lure children.Doctor Peppay dedicates his life for the health and prosperity of children and has created MedMavins community. Mercy and Shrey and their friends are members of MedMavins community. Doctor Peppay worries about children getting sick while traveling to school. He knows about the TRAP LANDS and wants to secure the safe travel for the children. He created a path, children should travel on. Along the path he planted some warning sign posts and appointed MedMavins community members to guide children. This way he helps the children reach the school safely.

The evil professor Tee was furious about his path and out of revenge he created some MYSTERY POINTS along the path. The children who step on the Mystery point, has to pull a mystery card. To counter his evil plan Doctor Peppay creates good Mystery cards too. His cards help children move safely and faster. Doctor Peppay realizes the need to be well informed, so he also created Q points to help children along the trail.

GAME PLAY: This game requires prior knowledge of the basic subject and children should read the “Adventures of Medmavins” comics.

OBJECTIVE: Be the first player to reach the school.

Requirements : 1 game board (can be printed on A4 sheet), 1 die (dice), 2 to 4 markers in different colors,
30-35 Q Cards. 30-35 Mystery Cards.

Q – Cards : Would have a question and a right answer marked on it along
with the number of moves.

Mystery – Cards : Will have directions for further activity.

SET UP: Open up the game board and place it on a flat surface

All Q cards must be placed face down in a pile within easy reach of two to four players.
Each player picks a marker and places it on the START space on the game board. Each player rolls the die to see who goes first. Players go in order from highest to lowest.
When a player lands on a Q point, the next in line player picks up the Q card and reads it aloud and
announces the consequences after the player answers. The player follows the directions on the Q card. Then the Q card gets placed at the bottom of the pile and the next player rolls the die.
A player who lands on the Mystery point picks up a Mystery card and reads it aloud and follows the

Condition : In the event that a player lands on a Q point or a Mystery point which moves the player on to
another Q point or Mystery point, the player is allowed to follow those directions one time only. If
players’ lands on a Q point or M Point a second time, they must wait for their next turn without taking any more action. When their turn comes again, they roll the die and proceed with the game.