The strongman of Professor Tee, Alex is proud and opinionated. A domineering bully by nature he is feared by all at school. He is always quick to jump to conclusions, which often lands him in tricky situations.  Alex teams up with Jezi to execute Professor Tee’s evil plans.

Captain Golgi

A one eyed cutie pie, He helps in the production of Proteins


Mercy is the smart kid in the Medmavins team. She is intelligent and a kind hearted person who is always ready to lend a helping hand. Mentored by Dr. Peppay and with help of Shrey, Mercy promotes project “HEAL”.


An evil invention of Professor TEE, the Proteintaors infect upon injecting into the body and cause harmful effects such as protein loss.


SKAN is the bird like flying robot, created by Dr. Peppay. SKAN assists the Medmavins team in their adventures. Skan has the unique ability to scan any living being and quickly generate health reports.


Shrey an adventurer and explorer at heart, is brave and impulsive. Under the guidance of Dr. Peppay and Mercy, Shrey applies his skills to successfully complete the tasks assigned to him. He and Mercy together form a great team to help children through project “HEAL”.

MedMavins explains – The ‘Why’ factor towards being healthy!

Kids love comics. MedMavins Health Comics really acts as a medium to convey the information to the kids regarding the advantages by following a healthy lifestyle. The MedMavins Health Comics is a story driven concept where it makes the children to understand the important factors to be taken into consideration. ‘Why Kids’? are being targeted because, it is the right age for them to really understand as they are more influenced by the advertisements which drags them towards fast food chains.

MedMavins Health Comics engage children by showing a virtual tour by taking and showing them of what is happening in a human body and how it really impacts. It really makes the kids to understand the ‘Why’ factor of being healthy.

The MedMavins Health Comics comprises of ten different comics which each volume focuses on different health topic and allows the children to embark on an edge-of-the-seat journey inside the human body to fight disease and villains. Along the way they learn heaps about health and nutrition.

Our mandate is simple: to use story to sensitize and educate children on health and nutrition issues that will literally save their life. Everything has been developed with ongoing support from physical education teachers, physicians, and dieticians. We’re currently seeing a huge surge in health education, such as the new national health campaign broadcasts, so this series has never been more timely. The books are designed to slowly change each child’s food and lifestyle choices, laying the foundation for good habits that will remain in place for the rest of their lives.


Dr. Peppay is a wise physician and a technical wizard. He mentors the Medmavins team to apply and learn health science through his unique  virtual portal  machine, which shrinks  and teleports  people  into human  bodies. Dr. Peppay  runs project “HEAL” (Health for All). It aims to increase health awareness in children.


INFEE is a pretty looking flying robot, which assists Professor Tee. INFEE has the ability to inject and infect germs into its victims and making them sick.


Professor Tee works cunningly behind the scenes to implement his secret mission called “FOG”. Professor Tee with his keen intellect has come up with an ambitious master plan intended to thwart Project “HEAL”.


Mercy is the smart kid in the Medmavins team. She is intelligent and a kind hearted person who is always ready to lend a helping hand. Mentored by Dr. Peppay and with help of Shrey, Mercy promotes project “HEAL”.


Jezi is a powerful opponent. A fast learner with a shrewd intellect, she teams up with Alex to implement Professor Tee’s evil plans. A self-centered person she gets jealous very easily and is always ready to take on the Medmavins team.

Captain Carbo

A Portly lovable character who leads & organizes the clueless carbohydrates for release into the blood as glucose

Medmavins health comics- The Action stories for Health

Medmavins health comicsare developed as a series of stories focusing on various aspects of children’s nutrition and social issues. TheTagline depictsindicates the specific health issue that is focused in the each story. The comics help the childrenunderstand and imbibe healthy living.All these stories were written and illustrated to captivate the imagination of every child.


Doctor Peppay with an altruistic concern for human welfare started a community called Medmavins community. The Medmavins’ community has initiated a projectcalled HEALTH FOR ALL, code named as HEALDoctor Peppay established a state-of-the art lab to carry on Medmavin’s HEAL project, and as a part of building the Medmavins community,he recruits two children to work on his mission.Doctor Peppay’s phenomenal invention a virtual reality based  human trans-morphing portalaided with SKANthe scanner- A robotic drone  which looks like an avian being , with in-built scanning power and ability to act , think and talk like a human being.The trans-morphing portal can shrink and teleport theMedmavinsteam to any targeted human body to explore, understand, diagnose and rectify medical issues or abnormalities within the subject.

Doctor Peppay has a rival colleagueProfessor Tee who has his secret mission called FOG which is a short form of Food Of the Gods.The mission’s main focus is on hypothetical remedy food for all ills or diseases to control. As the missionwas classified secret, we don’t have complete information about his project. But he has achieved some startling breakthroughs with his experiments on DNA mutations and evolved some alien germs which are crucial to experiment in live target human cells.

As part of the FOG,Professor Tee carries experiments on gullible children. He inventsINFEE-the infector similar to SKAN the scanner, but evil in nature that infects people with all sorts of germs for experiments.He needs some volunteers to implement his experiments. He coaxes theschool bullyAlex andhis gang to help in his work.The bully boy Alex during the interaction with other children, selectively targets gullible childrenand deceitfully infects them through his pet INFEE.

MEDMAVINS adventures helps readers understand and learn the basic aspects of health processes and to be a part of the team, always eager to help their fellow classmates to learn from their adventures.


Dr.Peppay:  Doctor Peppay runs Medmavins community.

Mercy: One of the Medmavins kids

Shrey: One of the Medmavins kids

Skan:It is an avian droid. Part of the Medmavins kids.


Captain Carbo, Glucose molecules,  Captain Eukaryote and so on..


Professor Tee:  Doctor Tee runs a secret project FOG.

Alex: One of the Bad boys’ gang

Jezi: One of the Bad boys’ gang

Infee:It is an avian droid. Part of the Bad boys’ gang.

“I wish you the best of luck. As I previewed the comics they are well written and I believe at a level that will challenge students and help with reading skills. “

Paul Zientarski

“A fun and adventurous comic series. Our students really enjoyed Nutrition Series, it and made them think of the human body and how it works. They cannot wait to read more issues.”