The Mystery Of Alien G-Prime(part1)

The Mystery Of Alien G-Prime(part1)

Author: Medmavins


Mission Digestion (PROCESS OF DIGESTION) :

Doctor Peppay forms the Medmavins community to run project HEAL which promotes health awareness. He organizes a series of contests in order to select the two volunteers he needs. Mercy and Shrey as a team and Alex and Jezi as a team are the finalists. Read the comic to see how Shrey and Mercy become Medmavins in spite of obstacles created by Alex and Jezi.

What the reader learns : This comic explains the process of digestion through an imaginative adventure; it shows how food moves along the digestive tract and is absorbed in the body to give energy.

Publisher: Medmavins
Product ID: 2615


Mystery of Alien G- Prime- part-1 (ROLE OF CARBS – DEPLETED GLUCOSE) :

Alex and Jezi team up with Professor Tee who runs a secret project called FOG. Professor Tee invents an avian droid (Infee) to perform experiments on targets. A target child, Mike, develops mysterious complications. Read more to learn how Medmavins rescue the target child.

What the reader learns : Through this comic, a reader learns about the breakdown of carbohydrates to glucose molecules and how glucose is stored and used by the body.


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