I wish you the best of luck. As I previewed the comics they are well written and I believe at a level that will challenge students and help with reading skills. 
Paul Zientarski
Physical education consultant

A fun and adventurous comic series. Our students really enjoyed Nutrition Series, it and made them think of the human body and how it works. They cannot wait to read more issues.
Francina L
Principal St. Ann School

Kids get to read these comics in the library time and occasionally during PE training, they are excited to learn more about the human body, different kinds of nutrients like Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals and Dairy and cant wait to answer the assessment test in the end. As a PE teacher I would highly recommend these comics.
Susheel K
PE Teacher- DPS

Comics are helping kids to understand the importance of Nutrition. Best of all it captivates a child attention. They are able to read it by themselves and digest it at their own speed.
Julie C
Principal St. Andrews School

"The West Fargo School District would like to thank Medmavins (Global Animationz) for sharing this resource with us. Medmavins has work in collaboration with our curriculum and instruction team and our elementary health teachers to make these instructional comics a part of our elementary health curriculum."
Louise Dardis
Assistant superintendent,West Fargo school district

"I have taken some time to look through your website and the samples of comic that you're authoring. I have to say I really love the concept, messages, and artwork that has been used. The concept and layout of a comic and/or graphic novel is such a great medium that many children jump at (especially boys) and I can see how these stories would be popular. In particular for topics such as nutrition that so many times are written in a very boring and dull way. "
Ryan LaDage
Principal at Moorhead Public School, MN