Issue-9 Quench For Victory

Quench for Victory (ROLE OF WATER) :

Medmavins encourages children to participate in games and sports. A boy, Dennis, from Alexs gang helps train the Medmavins basketball team. When Alex and Jezi learn this they become furious. They approach Professor Tee for help, and he provides them a vial of potion which controls cell function in the body. After successfully infecting Dennis, Alex and Jezi wait for the boy to become weak and unable to train the Medmavins team. To their surprise something weird happens to the boy. His energy levels go higher. He becomes more active. Medmavins teleport into the virtual body portal. They find nothing, yet they solve the mystery. Read more to find what helps Medmavins solve the mystery.

What the reader learns :
Through this comic a reader learns the role of water in nutrient absorption, digestion, and waste elimination from the body, and more. 

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