About Med Mavins Health Program

  • Med Mavins is a United states based school health compliants program specifically designed to implement health awareness and assessment modules for schools.

  • Following it's amazing success and universal appeal with in the school systems across the USA the program has been tailored in accordance with the government of the india

  • Ministry of health and family welfare specifically for indian schools.

  • The objectives of the program are:
  • MHRD|

    Goverment Of India

    Ministry Of Human Resource Development.

    The HRD Board has requested Schools to set up'Health Clubs' in order to implement the Comprehensive School Health Programme.
  • Implement Health Cards for each student.

  • Create a Health News Paper twicwe a year

  • Conduct Surveys on health related concerns

  • Why Medmavins Health Program ?

    Med-Co-curricular Health Program

    Med-Mavins Theory

    Grades No Of Books Name Of Books
    L.K.G 1
  • My body
  • U.K.G 1
  • Safety
  • 1st grade 1
  • Hygiene
  • 2nd grade 1
  • Human Body System
  • 3rd grade 2
  • Mission Digestion (Process of Digestion)
  • Checkmate Calories (Balanced Diet)
  • 4th grade 2
  • The Mystery of Alien G-prime (Role of Carbohydrates)
  • Behold! Here Comes a P.E.T. (Physical Exercises)
  • 5th grade 2
  • Combat the PROTINEATER (Role of Proteins)
  • Huffed and Puffed about Health (Role of Fats)
  • 6th grade 2
  • Treasure hunt-The Challenge (Role of Vitamins and minerals)
  • Picnic Gets Nasty (Role of Calcium and iron)
  • 7th grade 3
  • Quench for Victory (Role of Water)
  • Riff Raff Roughage (Role of Fiber)
  • Dawn of Adolescence ( Education on Puberty)
  • 8tht grade 3
  • Say "No" to Smoking
  • Say "No" to Drugs
  • Say "No" to Booze
  • 9th grade 3
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Say "No" to Bullying
  • Med Mavins Practical(Teachers Manual)
    Teachers Manual Would Help Teachers To Organize

    • ¦ Debate

    • ¦ Role play script for Dramatics
    • ¦ Art and Craft activity
    • ¦ Book Reports
    • ¦ Games
    • ¦ Fitness regiments
    • ¦ Sports
    Med Mavins Evaluation

    • ¦ Med Mavins would help schools,to organize quizzes and physical activity and evaluation competitions for each grade level

    • ¦ Mr. and Ms.Med Mavins would be nominated in each class

    How The Med-IQrd Works?

    • Med_IQrd is an identity Card with access to health data for school children
    • The Med-IQrd provides access to health records using mobile or stand alone QR code scanners.
    • Health data is Stored in school's online Virtual Clinic Portal.



    The Med-Screen program is a health screening program for school children and employees.

    Health screening software provides online protal for schools,with storage,health analytics and reporting.

    Provided through exclusive online portal for schools, with storage, health analytics and reporting

    Performed in collaboration with school nurses, school physicians or physician assistants

    Certification Of Med-Credit

    MED-CREDIT KEYS* Operational Initiated
    CCHP Subscription 30 15
    Med-Card Subscription 30 15
    Med-Screen Subscription 30 15
    Med-Mavins Assigned 10 15
    Physical Activity Facilities 10 15
    Swacch Bharath Mission Compliance 10 15
    MED-CREDIT KEYS Score Accreditation Standard
    100-200 Glod Key Accreditation
    70-99 Silver Key Accreditation
    20-69 Bronze Key Accreditation


    Med-CreditTM is an accreditation and certification body ensuring Medmavins health program compliance for schools.The Accreditation assures schools of a continued support and monitoring for the Med Mavins health program by the governing body. The governing body comprising of health experts and educationists who set health goals and outcomes based on a unique credit scoring system.

    Med-Credit scoring system

    Schools earn credits based on their performance and involvement in the complete implementation and execution of the Med Mavins Health Program.The accreditation process is based on a unique structured scoring system designed to evaluate key parameters that influence the effectiveness of school health program and outcomes.