About us

Healthy lifestyle and health awareness is the current mantra that is actively being supported by media as well as the government through their broadcasts and national health campaigns. With a plethora of chronic illnesses that plague a generation hooked onto the fast food, people are awakening slowly but surely to change their choices and lifestyle for healthy foods and practices.

This awareness, when imbibed in the tender minds of children, helps them to innately develop healthy habits and pursue healthy choices for the rest of their lives. Health education thus lays the foundation for a healthy society in the present and future.

The future starts here at www.medmavins.com. Join Dr. Peppay and his team, as they embark on a journey that enthralls and enlightens the kids. MEDMAVINS imparts knowledge through an endearing visual medium of comics. An artfully presented comic fires the imagination and challenges the reader to read, learn and understand. MEDMAVINS along with their guide Dr. Peppay, enter a virtual human body and explore the functioning of human body, mechanism of treatments, preventions of various diseases and other medical conditions in an adventurous way.

Medmavins, initiative for kids aged 8 and above, aimed to impart knowledge regarding the human body and health issues that help them learn, understand and adopt healthy lifestyle. We believe, for a kid to understand do's and dont's, he should first understand “WHY?” and aptly these comics help our curious kids to enjoy, understand and learn. .